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Manufacture and sales of BES pre cut, slotted shims in stainless steel. Pre cut shims sold in a range of fourteen (14) complete shim kits or refill packs of 10 pieces each. Stainless steel shim stock in 305 and 610mm width. Custom shim made to specification. Pelican LED lighting.
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About the Company

Budget Engineering Services CC was established in 1998 as a supplier of industrial goods. The company has since evolved into a specialized manufacturer and supplier of precision stainless steel shims and shim stock. We have established a reputation of providing quality products at competitive prices through excellent customer service. Our clients are from various sectors of industry including:

Mining, Food Processing, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Steel Mills, Sugar Mills, Petrochemical, Refineries, HVAC,¬†Marine, Maintenance Service providers, Industrial Equipment suppliers, as well OEM’s.

Service is key in our industry and we endeavour to provide exceptional responsiveness in terms of quotation, order expediting, and technical advice.

About the Product

Pre-cut shims or shim plates are used for vertical adjustment of equipment feet during alignment measurement or correction. The equipment is lifted by the thickness of the specified shim in order to achieve a straight line through the centers of the drive and driven shafts – thereby minimizing parallel, as well as the angular offsets. The size of the shim is determined by the size of the relevant equipment foot (front or rear). The slot size of the shim should be more than the diameter of the corresponding hold down bolt. Shim material should be hardened and corrosive resistand (300 series stainless steel) in order to exceed the expected service life of the equipment. Following are examples of equipment that need to have their alignment verified during scheduled down time.

Newly installed equipment should never be run without an alginment check by authorized personel.


Centrifugal/Positive displacement/Gear/Vane Pump

Gear Reducers/Increasers


Centrifugal/Reciprocating/Turbo Compressor

Balance of Plant e.g. Conveyor Rollers

What is Shaft Alignment?

Shaft alignment is the process of aligning two or more shaft centers with each other, to within a tolerated margin. Shaft misalignment should be checked and corrected on all equipment using a power transmission coupling to transmit power from the drive to the driven machine. Angular, horizontal and vertcal alignment are measured, checked and corrected by means of dail gauges or optical laser equipment. Shaft misalingment will produce unwanted heat and vibration once the equipment is set to service and will lead to premature failure of the machine bearings, transmission components or failure of the equipment itself.

Angular misalignment and parallel offset

Industries Where These Equipment Types are Typically Found


Food processing

Power Generation


Pulp and Paper

Steel Mill

About Customer Service

What we offer our customers…

Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer’s expectation.

In our case we meet customer’s expectation through excellent customer liaison, high quality products and competitive pricing.

High levels of inventory enable us to offer our customers “Same Day Delivery” on the full range of pre-cut shims, shim kits and shim stock.